Magnet DAO

We are focused on providing DevSecOps & Fintech related services to projects and individuals in Web3.

We are tech lovers gathered around cryptocurrency projects with vast experience coming from years of working in large IT and Finance organizations and enterprises.

What can we do for you?

Besides operating public nodes listed on our staking page we provide customized services related to blockchain staking, validator nodes and connected monitoring tools.

  • DevSecOps of all types of server infrastructure (Windows, Linux)
  • Maintenance of blockchain or Web3 nodes (staking, validators etc.)
  • Vulnerability scans and assesments of infrastructure
  • Setup and maintenance of monitoring tools (incl. alerting)
  • Development of custom Web3 backend tools (Price Oracles, Trading Bots etc.)

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Maximize Your Staking Yield

Highly-reliable, efficient and secure delegation service at lowest fees.

Magnet DAO offers permissionless staking for popular Web3 blockchains.
All servers offered run on hardware that exceeds the officially recommended specs.
Besides that, we have custom monitoring tools allowing us to maintain immediate incident response time, ensuring Magnet DAO nodes to have constant uptime.

Got questions?

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Or via email hello@magnetdao.io